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Mass Transit is mastery of distance.

Mass Transit is mastery of distance (1). Mass Transit means integrating a variety of systems and tools to make transportation realistic and convenient, a public utility rather than a personal burden. Mass Transit is how a population becomes free to focus on the important parts of life rather than worrying, spending and managing personal time and resources at a net loss (2) just to get from point A to B to C.

Once upon a time a person In Indiana had to fetch all their own water from river, stream, spring or well. As technology and infrastructure advanced though it was decided water could be delivered, freeing individuals to live better lives. We are still metaphorically walking to the well everyday, throwing money and time after an inefficient and outmoded system of transportation (3).

Mass Transit is the modern, civilized and intelligent option. Why should a man or woman in 21st century Indiana still be living within the unsafe, expensive and unsustainable limitations of individual transit?

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Common Transit Terminology:

Street Car/ Tram/Trolley
Street level single car rail transport within a city (usually electric).

Light Rail
Multi car rail transit within a city (electric).

Rapid Transit
Rail transit under or elevated from street level (electric).

Commuter/Regional Transit
Extension of urban system out to surrounding suburbs, also referred to as Light Rail in some cases (electric).

Inter City Transit
Long haul passenger systems with few stops and routes shared with freight (usually diesel).

High Speed System
Intercity systems operating above 125 mph in America, above 155 mph internationally (diesel/mag lev/electric).

Indiana Crossrails advocates for the growth and development of mass rail transit in the state of Indiana to include rapid transit in dense urban areas, commuter/light rail to connect large cities to their suburbs, and an expansion of regional/inter-city service.