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An Interurban History: The Transportation Legacy of Charles L. Henry

By: Yorgo Douramacos.
A history of the interurban. Click here or on the image to download the pdf.

A Military History of Rail

By: Ariel Wagner.
The U.S. Military's role in rail expansion. Click here or on the image to download the pdf.

Equality on the Railroad

By: Ariel Wagner.
Women's roles during rail expansion and development. Click here or on the image to download the pdf.

History is not the study of a fossilized past.

It is the dynamic and ever shifting answer to the question “How did we get here?”

Indiana has been in the business of devising solutions to transportation problems for as long as it has been a state. It’s first state capitol (1) was located along the central shipping artery of the Ohio River. Its current capitol was only established on the erroneous promise that interior waterways could be made navigable. When that turned out not to be the case the push for roads saw the National Road (2) pass through its middle and local road building assume immense importance.

From connecting it state capitol to helping build the National Road. From the coming of rail in the 1830s to pioneering work in the area of mass transit (3) in the early twentieth century. From the auto building boom to its current status as the Crossroads of America thanks to Eisenhower’s interstate system. Indiana has always been a place where movement was central to identity and development.

But history is a story of changes and change never stops. Transportation has been at the center of Indiana’s entire history and will remain so into its far future. The more important question now is not “How did we get here?” It is, “Where to next?”

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