Work Worth Doing is Worth Doing Silly

By: Andrew Frey

“They don’t raise up,” says Dan, trying to situate himself comfortably in the short swiveling chair, “I don’t want to have to sit in a short chair.” There is another long day of editing ahead for the post-production team and we all strive for comfort. “Is there coffee downstairs?” asks Sam as he settles into his place and prepares to craft artwork for the documentary. We try to focus on the many individual tasks that will soon mesh together. The waves of chitchat calm as the 90’s music begins to make itself present. Cheesy lyrics are uttered under our breaths. Our eyes focus on computer screens and the slight conversation that happens shifts to questions about files and purposefully awkward sports talk, i.e. “how ‘bout them bears?” We boo at the bad joke and chuckle collectively. After months of travel and working closely, we have grown to know each others’ humor and learned how to keep the mood light and silly. It helps to keep the moral up and the drive strong as we come to a stressful close. There have been many late, late nights and more than enough early mornings to have us drained for the rest of the year. The light and silly method has proven that it can keep us not only motivated but also content. Knowing one another this well could have (maybe even should have) caused more tension and provided more heat than it has. Instead, we have learned how to pick each other up with a sincere compliment. Together we sit. Keep it light. Keep it silly. And at the end of the day, we know that we will get the job done and produce something worthwhile. We know when to talk, when to listen, when to joke or to be serious. But most of all, we have learned when to just let the music fill the air.