Trains as the Future

(photo courtesy of Brandon Wiseman)

By: Kiefer Wiseman

As a child I was fortunate enough to go to Disney World. For those of you who have not been to Disney one of the main forms of transportation between the parks, hotels and restaurants is their monorail. I remember being awestruck by this futuristic machine that took me from place to place. What I did not realize was that this wasn’t futuristic but rather a current mode of transportation that was slowly fading out of public use. Why is that when I was younger I saw that trains were the future, but then took me years again to realize that these same trains are still the future?

I have grown up in Midwest America all of my life. We have plenty to look at such as corn, small shops and if we drive a few miles, the city of Indianapolis. There is one thing that we don’t have to look at, which are trains. Since we did not have trains here in central Indiana I was amazed when I saw mass rail transit being used in Disney. I just needed to be introduced to it.

Mass rail transit is still the future. People just need to be exposed to it. These trains are still futuristic. We can travel at close to a hundred miles an hour while being on our phones, reading books, or just relaxing. Trains can provide Wi-Fi, food, a better environment and introduce us to people we would have never meet if we stayed in our cars. Instead of slowly allowing trains to fade away we need to get people the chance to be awestruck by trains similar to little Kiefer when I was a child. We need to show people that trains are not the past but are also the transportation of the future.