Lincoln’s Funeral Train

By: Ariel Wagner

This week marked the 150 year Anniversary of the Great Emancipator’s assassination. Abraham Lincoln was shot April 14, 1865 by John Wilkes Booth, and died April 15 from his wounds.

The country was grief-stricken as the event shook the country with emotion. The country mourned as it never mourned before. But the national tragedy brought the people together.

It was decided by his grieving widow that he was to be buried in his home state capital, Springfield, Illinois. A train carried Lincoln’s body through eight states with military control the entire duration of the trip. Millions came to pay their respects and look upon their beloved leader one last time. Over 50,000 people paid their respects for the death of the honest man when the train stopped at the Indiana State House. Even more grieved as they watched the procession pass. It was a time for a broken nation to reflect on Lincoln’s life and legacy.

The funeral train consisted of nine cars and the coffin was constantly on special guardianship. The funeral train was decorated with a portrait of the president on the front of the engine with banners and flags to commemorate the nation’s hero while stimulating patriotism amongst the crowds. The train commenced on April 21st and would conclude on May 3rd in Springfield.

Lincoln is an American icon and his spirit still pervades.