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Looking at the map, Indiana sits at a crossroads between Chicago, Cincinnati, St. Louis and Louisville. Highways and state roads vein this landscape connecting small towns and remote populations with cities and urban centers. Throughout its history Indiana has met transit challenges with innovation and determination.

It truly is the Crossroads of America.

Indiana Crossrails is a project that believes Indiana is not done innovating, not done improving. We believe there are challenges yet to be overcome in connecting our population and solutions still to be dreamt in growing our state’s economy and culture.

We believe public transit is the future. We believe it represents an investment, not an expense. We believe mobility is a catalyst for advancement, not a public burden. We believe that a population with choices is a population with greater freedom and opportunity.

Indiana sits at a crossroads geographically and historically. It has a chance right now to invest in its future by connecting its people. Indiana Crossrails exists to emphasize this moment and illuminate Indiana’s options. Because a connected state is a better state to be in.

Indiana Crossrails advocates for the growth and development of mass rail transit in the state of Indiana to include rapid transit in dense urban areas, commuter/light rail to connect large cities to their suburbs, and an expansion of regional/inter-city service.